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Contact Lens Exams

At Dr. Michael Khoury & Associates, we know that people often have questions about contact lenses. Our optometrists would like to walk you through our eye care options when it comes to contacts and contact lens exams. If you live in or around Van Nuys or Burbank and are thinking about making the switch to contact lenses, contact our eye doctors at Dr. Michael Khoury & Associates to schedule your contact lens exam.

Contact Lens Exams

What to Expect

Your contact lens journey starts at the optometrist’s office for an eye exam. This is an essential step in your eye care that will determine what kinds of contact lenses are appropriate for you. We will check everything from your prescription to your eye moisture levels. We will also discuss issues like how frequently you want to change your contacts and potential allergens to make sure you get lenses that will improve your vision.

Your Eye Care Appointment and Contact Lens Exam

When you visit our eye care center for contact lens exams, you will be greeted by our friendly staff. Your contacts journey starts with some quick paperwork about your general physical health and your eye care history. We will then talk with you about the exam and answer any questions that you may have.

The eye exam is non-invasive with the only discomfort being possible gusts of air used to measure inner eye pressure or possible eye dilation used to check the health of your inner eye. We will be mostly checking your prescription and using the latest technology to measure your eyes for the right contacts.

You will get your prescription and be ready to go get your new contact lenses. We can also walk you through simple things like how to safely change your contacts, how to put them in and take them out, and how to care for your new contacts.

Reach Out To Our Eye Doctors in Burbank and Van Nuys, CA

Our optometrists will help with all of your eye care needs, including new contact lenses. If you have worn glasses your whole life and are ready to make the switch to contact lenses, contact Dr. Michael Khoury & Associates to schedule a contact lens exam. Call our Van Nuys office today at (818) 373-0212 or our Burbank office at (818) 841-7055. You can also reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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